Independent film New Mexico: ‘Lost in New Mexico: The Strange Tale of Susan Hero’ – a 21st Century Cloning Road Movie shot in and around Albuquerque, NM in 2003-2004, and released in 2009 * RT 84:00 * Written and Directed by Jason Rosette

‘Lost in New Mexico: The Strange Tale of Susan Hero’ – PRESSKIT (PDF)

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‘Lost in New Mexico’ is an #independent feature movie produced with the assistance of the New Mexico Film incentives program

REVIEW SNIPPET: “This atmospheric and moody no-budget feature shot around the city of Albuquerque is aptly marketed by its resourceful director as “a sci-fi cloning road movie for the 21st century. (Writer-Director) Rosette (Bookwars, LJ 10/1/00) envelops these characters in the evocative desert landscape, complemented by a wistful and spare guitar soundtrack. – Recommended for adventurous viewers. “—Robert A. Sica, Eastern Kentucky Univ. Lib., Richmond

SYNOPSIS: “In a desert town somewhere in the Southwestern United States, a young woman named Susan seeks a maverick animal cloning expert who claims he can bring her recently deceased daughter back to life. Accompanied by her undocumented Mexican immigrant companion, Javier Apollinaire, Susan embarks on a secret journey in order to meet the Doctor.”

‘GREAT ROAD PIC’ – Barney Oldfield, Angelika Entertainment

FACTOIDS: 1) The independent film New Mexico, ‘Lost in New Mexico’ was made in New Mexico in 2003-2004 with all local cast and crew just prior to the state’s emergence as a well-known film and TV production hub. Writer-Director Jason Rosette had already worked on several productions while living in New Mexico, including the Sam Elliot feature ‘Desperate Trail’. In the early and mid 90’s, he edited his first scripted drama (‘Charlie’s Box’) and his first feature documentary, (‘BookWars’) in Albuquerque. He was thus enticed to return in 2003 to cast and produce ‘Lost in New Mexico’ due to his fondness for the landscapes, locations, and people of the state.

2) Interestingly, ‘Lost in New Mexico’ was the only #feature film shooting at the time (2003-2004), this being just prior to the state’s later widespread popularity as a shooting and production location. Despite its micro-budget, the production secured a rebate from the newly established New Mexico film incentives program. Also, at the time, the Screen Actor’s Guild did not have a microbudget feature agreement in place. Thus, the director took a voluntary hiatus from the union in order to appear in his own feature, as the workman’s compensation fee he would have had to pay to appear in his own film would have been beyond the budget of the production…

3) Some controversy followed the production of ‘Lost in New Mexico’ after the movie’s director wrote a letter to (then-)governor Richardson’s film office, encouraging the development of local independent film New Mexico talent and crew, versus focusing exclusively on attracting out of state productions. There was some significant resistance to this notion at the time, leading to a sizeable ‘dust-up’ and consequent obstacles to the movie’s release as a result.

HOWEVER: Capacity building in the local New Mexico film industry has since been fully implemented, with world-class levels of local talent and crew being developed as a result. This is a centerpiece of the many reasons out of state productions elect to shoot in NM.

‘Lost in New Mexico: The Strange Tale of Susan Hero’ – PRESSKIT (PDF)

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Larry Braslow … FDA Boss Alvin York
Jack Burning … Movie Goer
Carlos A. Cabarcas … Sanghpop Elpee
John D. Champion … Movie Goer
Dana Delleflores … Movie Goer
Haley Drummond … Movie Goer
Jaime Estrada … Javier Appollinaire
Alice Fernando-Ahmie … Alice
John Francis … Pierce Hope
Marc Gonzales … Movie Goer
Christopher Hagen … Nervous Guy
Isabel Juarez … Movie Goer
Ray Leos … George Boole (voice)
Valerie Mainville … Movie Goer
Jeff Mocho … Movie Goer
Juan C. Molina … Movie Goer
Ralph Montoya … Movie Goer
Dug Moore … Radio Interviewer (voice) (as Douglas Gentry)
Carrie Morrisson … Evil Woman (voice)
David Paytiamo … Lonnie Paytiamo
Vatsana Phaybouth … Movie Goer
Drea Pressley … Susan Hendricks
Alan Rice … Dr. Kurt Morell (as Dr. Alan Rice)
Jason Rosette … Agent Carl Wisconsin (as Richard Rhodes)
Patrick Stayton … Chuck Wing (voice) Andrew Thomas … Flute Player
Matthew Valdez … Movie Goer
Jan van Bangkokus … Evil Man (voice)

‘Lost in New Mexico: The Strange Tale of Susan Hero’
Written and Directed by Jason Rosette
Produced by Camerado Media
Info: | IMDB | Facebook

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