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The Strange Tale of Susan Hero

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Basic cloning of a stud bull or racehorse (No Extras)

The FDA Fake-out$9900.00

Cloning of rodeo bull, high performance racehorse, or rare / endangered livestock. BONUS: Includes extra embryo! 

Don't Eat the Pineapple! $1500.00               

Genetically engineered tropical fruit hybrid - merges genes of one fruit (or vegetable) and one simple vertibrate. See 'Lost in New Mexico' to understand this gag. Not Fit for Human Consumption: For Display Only (*Sorry, we're out of salamanders until further notice)

New Mexico Independent Film, 'Lost in New Mexico'
Dr. Alan Rice and an Equine Colleague - Independent film New Mexico, 'Lost in New Mexico'
New Mexico Indie Film, 'Lost in New Mexico' - an ad for cloning services placed by Dr. Morell


If Pet Sematary and The Mexcian were ran headfirst into one another, the result might be this movie. That said, it’s definitely a fun little Sunday afternoon film to check out!

- Rogue Cinema

'Really Shines'

Lost in New Mexico is a unique and interesting take on the fluidity of technology versus the recurring commonality of the human condition

- Moving Arts Journal

'Atmospheric & Moody'

Timely fusing of diverse genre elements involves no less diverse a cast of characters...recommended for adventurous viewers

- Library Journal

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